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April 25, 2014, 02:32:35 AM *
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Stowe Run – August 24, 2014...

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Phoenix Runners - Montreal

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Our members range from students in their early 20’s to retirees. Some have run 30 marathons; some are working on their first marathon; some are fast and some are not so…all are there for the pure enjoyment of running with a group and having fun…on every run!

Where are we located?
Our training locations vary by season but all are in the West Island area of Montreal:
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xx Boston Marathon bib fraud | 24 Apr 14
21:20:34 by pete
Views: 2 | Comments: 0

This story has been circulating on social media today, Kara Bonneau ran the Boston marathon with her bib # 14285, only to find out that four people ran with her bib number. She had posted a photo of her bib on instagram before the race.

The BAA is investigating the matter. Opinions abound regarding the culprits, from they should be praised for cheating the "system" Huh? to "they should get the death penalty" hahaha

I think banning them for life from the Boston marathon would be appropriate. Not the smartest way to run as a bandit…

xx Boston recovery run | 23 Apr 14
21:47:20 by pete
Views: 27 | Comments: 1

Did you have a good recovery run wednesday night Louis?...

xx Happy Birthday to Bruce and Bill | 23 Apr 14
06:24:31 by Raeann
Views: 78 | Comments: 12

On behalf of Frank (Phoenix Birthday Wisher Meister!) who's computer is down, he wishes both Bruce and Bill a Very Happy Birthday and Healthy 2014!


xx Liu's virgin 2014 Boston report | 22 Apr 14
Louis Liu
21:02:17 by Louis Liu
Views: 72 | Comments: 8

Thanks Pete for the video tell us the method how to deal with the down and up hills.
5km: I was so excited with so much cheering, and could hardly slow down my pace .
21km: As the first half was all the down hills, I planed 5min/km pace, but the first half I did 1:33 which was almost 4:30/km pace. I felt easy and try to kept the same pace to the last half.
25km: I suddenly felt a little cramp of my right leg, I knew that’s a bad signal to my fast pace. And there were even 17 km to go and there were up hills ahead. I have to slow down the pace to 5-5:30
30km: I have to stop to stretch my legs and went to toilet. Then coming the heart break  hills which  almost killing me.  Legs were so heavy and cramping again.
35km:  Down hill again and I try to push to the end.  Then every km seems so long. I want to pace up but legs did’t follow.
42km: Finished 3:22:10
Even it was not the PB, I am still very happy with it. I had a good time with my family and friends family supporting me . Thanks Nestor and club to have the Canada singlets which comes a lot of cheering . Thanks Pete for the video (even I did not follow). Thanks R&B and everyone. Our Phonixer are all great, do you agree?


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